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I have to "prime" it then a click or 2 doesn't do it.

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Lie on the floor face down and place your hands about 36 inches apart while holding your torso up at arms length. Next, lower yourself downward until your chest almost touches the floor as you inhale.

After purchasing this relatively costly liner, watching the video tutorial 4 times, I still ended up with massive wads of product on the tip after every use. Sadly, many fellow redditors who bought this product ended up with awful wads of coagulated product as well.

Within a week, the product was dry, crusty, and impossible to apply. I ran out of all of the product in a mere 2 months. To all who may purchase: I want to trust your products but this was such a disaster! Dry, flaky and impossible to use! It's very easy to draw the line with it and it's waterproof what else would someone wish for from an eyeliner.

I purchased this product after it was recommended to me by a friend who loved it and used it on a daily basis with no trouble. I couldn't wait to try it as I have always struggled with gel liner and thought this would be perfect for me. It was far from it!! The nib is extremely bendy therefore application is difficult and a real struggle. The product also seems to dry considerably within a matter of seconds so u have to waste a lot of it.

And lastly it is borderline impossible to remove. I tried everything I could think of to remove it but I was still left with black eyes afterwards. They were also incredibly sore and red as I had to wipe my eyes so much and so so vigorously for it to come off.

I wouldn't recommend this product at all!! I've had this product for a few months and I've used it about 5 times in total. The product is easy to use and easy to control. The issue I have had is that after such a short time the product has dried up and wont come out the end anymore. I think a 2 month shelf life ins't what a expected from a premium product.

This stuff goes on like butter and doesn't move! Irl got gasoline in my face and it didn't wash off. It's hard to remove I got this in a trial size in a great eyes package. At first, I had a hard time applying it but I watched the video on the benefit site and had no problems from there. When used properly, it's amazing.

I have green eyes and thought the green liner would be overkill, but quite the opposite. I feel like it really makes my eyes pop, and it glides on very smoothly. My mother in law gave this to me as she 'just couldn't get it to work' and thought it must be just her, but no.

I've tried twice now and I can't get it near my lashes as the nib is so bendy and getting the stuff actually out of the pen is almost impossible. When it does come out it drags your eye and doesn't create a smooth line. I feel like I have absolutely loads on which is not a good look for me. I need to get ready quickly in the morning and this takes minutes to get it anything close to acceptable. I am desperately trying to get hold of the Badgal pencil liner that I've used for years, but it appears they've discontinued them.

I love Benefit and have loads of their other products, but this is very very poor. It takes a little time to get used to. I am over 50 and have been using liquid eyeliner for just under 37 years. Put eyeshadow on first and it lasts until you take it off with a good remover. Gel eyeliners are admittedly hard to get used too but after getting sick off my maybelline one crumbling away before a day had ended I decided to step it up.

This eyeliner took a bit of play to get used too but the colour and ease at which it goes on is amazing, I get nice steady lines and a beautiful finish which lasted a four hour trek through the mountains fab. I came across The liner and I was excited to try something new and different. So I purchased it and when I got home I took it out of the box and I had to read the insructions I had to turn it more than times, it would crumble, it dried out way to fast where I couldn't apply the liner in one stroke, it's a waste of product because you have to wipe off the excess liner a few times, it went all over my face, it was hard to take off and last but not least I had to press hard to make the line.

The only good thing was that it does hug your lashes for a fine thin line. This product needs major work and changes. I rather stick to the gel pots and Angled brush.

I have never been able to use an eyeliner before, it always goes wrong, but after using this, I can do a winged eyeliner with the shape and easy grip of the eyeliner. Really hard to apply and incredibly clumpy Would not recommend and regret spending so much money on it!! I'm a makeup addict and I love to try a lot of products. I've tried many eyeliners but non of them was as good as this push up eyeliner.

My eyes are considered small, but every time I apply this eyeliner they become larger and sexier. Applying it, for me, is pretty easy thanks to its fine tip. I always love to wear sexy cat eye with this eyeliner.. When I first used this eyeliner, I was impressed by the uniqueness and the easy flow of the rubber tip.

However, after a few hours of wear, it began to flake off of my eyes and fall on my face. Then I got home at night I put it on around 2pm and noticed that one of my eyes was almost completely faded off. I love the concept of this product but it may need a formula change. I have been using this liner since it launched and have gone through so many of them. Have all the colours and love all of them. The blue is a bit difficult to work with but was told that the formula has changed.

Its long lasting , matte, intense colour , easy to use. But come to find out when I tried to put it on it wouldn't stick and it just crumbled.

The applicator is awful and the gel drys wayyyyy too fast. I would not recommend this to anyone, it was a huge waste of money. It's also easy to remove with makeup remover. Wouldn't use anything else. I love that it gets really close to the lash line and it also pushes lashed aside, but I am really disappointed that when I go over the line I've made the product crumbles and smudges very easily.

The product is lumpy and is almost impossible to apply! It comes out in streaks and feels so heavy on your eye lid. I would not recommend. After using this liner, I've never been able to happily use anything else. A lot of the reviews of this liner are negative because it is a harder pen to get used to and use correctly, but if you use it right, the liner will never disappoint you. This liner lasted me roughly 4 months of almost daily use! Another complaint is that it is hard to remove.

You can either buy the makeup remover strictly for this liner, or do what I do and use coconut oil to remove it, which works even better, imo. In all, this is my favorite eyeliner and I refuse to use anything else. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a matte eye look that is waterproof, and is a little more experienced with applying eyeliner. I'm really not sure why the average rating of this product is so low.

The liner stays put all day and doesn't rub off onto the area above like I've found with a lot of other liners. Once you've got the hang of it, it's pretty easy to use too. Benefit has great products but this is not one of them. It's difficult to apply, becomes easily clumpy, its very hard to take off, and doesn't last very long. I've been using gel eyeliner for a few years now and this is the hardest one to work with that I have ever owned.

I absolutely love the lines this eyeliner makes but it is so wasteful. Every time I go to apply my makeup and take the cap off, there is a bunch of product at the top that I have to wipe away.

If I try to apply the wasted product to my eyes it just crumbles and falls off. Really hope they fix this so I can continue to buy it. Right now I am looking for a similar product that isn't wasteful. I am so surprised to read that people do not like this eyeliner. It is amazing and easy to use. It is not dry and crumbly at all. This eyeliner is almost foolproof.

I get many compliments on my winged liner and it is all thanks to this eyeliner. Try it or yourself. It is the best eyeliner I have every used. This product is difficult to apply and does not give the sharpest wing. However it is very black and looks good when you get it right. This eyeliner is extremely difficult to get off if you mess it up, definitely wouldn't recommend for beginners. It also smudges a lot, even when its dry and therefore comes off.

The product was advertised as the number 1 seller. And I loved the mascara so I thought I'd treat myself. The eyeliner is extremely difficult to apply and you end up wasting a lot of the product trying to put it on. It's also extremely difficult to get of so if you make a mistake you have to reapply all make up again round the eye area.

It took 3 make up wipes to remove the eyeliner in total. When magic ink discontinued I gave this product a go, what a mistake. Considerable higher priced and I got a "good" use out of it for one day before the tip dries up and you get little lumps come out on your eyes. Had to click several times for each eye and never got a perfect line, more of a smudged effect where I was pulling on skin to get the product out.

Also really hard to correct a mistake with this, once it's on, it's on. Will not be buying this product again. Really surprised benefit have put this product to market in its current condition. So this was my first eyeliner yay! I found a lot of pros and cons so I will list them here BTW I got "beyond brown", which I thought complimented my eyes very nicely Anyways, hope this helps: I usually LOVE benefit products however this eyeliner is awful! When I take the cap off to use it the following day, again, there will be a large clump that falls off.

I got a sample of this and think it's great! It's so much easier to do winged eyeliner!! This is just the worst. If you push it up too much you can't use it - Its just really hard to control. It isn't smooth on your lids either I like the liner itself, but the application method is terrible. Like others mentioned, this product does not always come up with one click and may take several clicks and then too much comes out.

Every time I placed in on my counter and went to open it, there was a huge chunk of it on the top that I couldn't use. Terrible and a waste of money. Everyone giving this bad reviews clearly just doesn't know how to use it. And it's amazing once you actually know how to use it, would recommend to everyone. This eyeliner I bought was dry and not worth the price at all , did not create a nice line at all it just kept clumping.

I think this liner is amazing. I honestly think that this product is so underrated! Though, I don't recommend it for anyone that doesn't have a lot of experience with eyeliner, but other than that, it's amazing! The product is gorgeous, especially for an everyday look. Lasts from to when I put it on, to the very end of the day-it will NOT move, but it's still quite easy to take off in my opinion.

I totally recommend this product to all the eyeliner addicts like me: This product is just horrible. It's like trying to put drying paint on your eyelid, it drags and leaves an awful finish!

I've never bought anything from Benefit before and this is the first product that i've had. I'm not an eyeliner expert or anywhere close, I needed something easy to use and this certainly wasn't it! I was recommended this product by a Boots Makeup Artist and i'm very disappointed, it's extremely hard to apply and really is not worth such a high price. It's also very dry and doesn't come out the top unless you click it round about 5 times!!!

I stupidly believed the sales assistant who told me how great this was. I bought it, and found it to be crumbly and smudgy after being on a little while; it is terrible.

Benefit, you have got so much right - please bring back Magic Ink or I'll have to go elsewhere. This eyeliner was honestly one of the worst things I have ever tried. As you apply it almost comes out crumbly and leaves clumps behind as you drag it it does drag A lot and leaves the faintest line.

This liner is not worth the money, and I can get better looks with far more inexpensive products. You would benefit more from purchasing a loner brush along with a gel liner pot. This eyeliner should be recalled, it really is dreadful. It does not come out of the dispenser, and when it eventually does it is a big clumpy mess. It is also very difficult to apply in straight lines and is not easily buildable. I so wish I had read the reviews and not wasted my money on the eyeliner.

Felt tip and ink pot liners are much better. I have to you a liquid liner and I was talked into giving this a try. It was THE worst eyeliner I've ever tried.

It takes forever to come to the top as you twist the base. It doesn't run smoothly over the eye therefore causing your eye to pull and not come close to a straight line. Also, it claims to be a lash-hugging liner, but I couldn't get it close enough without it clumping up on my lashes. I have nothing positive to say about this product. There is no way to apply this product effectively. It is hard to dispense and extremely difficult to use.

It is not long wearing and is not very pigmented over shadow. Even the packaging sucks. The slick packaging and applicator drew me in to purchase this. Followed the tips for application but the consistency of the liner is much to thick crumbling and falling down my face. The liner needs to be more liquid or gel like rather than the crumbly crayon like consistency that it is. Waste of time and money until they get the viscosity correct.

Would not purchase again and frankly would like a refund for the aggravation! When I first bought this product I absolutely loved it. After playing with it I had gotten pretty good at applying it. It was expensive but since it was so long lasting it was worth it, I thought at the time. After about three months of owning it it became useless. I'd click it twice and no product would come out.

I waited to see if it was just being slow and still nothing. I clicked it once more, nothing. I decided to do it again, making that four total clicks and product came oozing out. Each time I try to use it products oozes everywhere which is just a waste.

It's a waste of money and it's hard to remove. I like long lasting make up but when I remove this my eyelid is red and sore from the effort. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I bought this on a whim as I have always used gel eyeliner, but found applicators were normally hard to use.

After using this product I've fell in love with how easy it glides on. I found that also the eyeliner would be solid when used, so a tip is to rub it between the hands to warm it up, and this makes the gel seem to come out easier! I love Benefit's makeup--super expensive but hey, it's good quality so it's worth it! The They're Real mascara is amazing so I thought this eyeliner would be equally amazing.

There's so many generic "wow! However, don't bother buying it. It's a complete waste of money and if I could return it, I would run to the store immediately. The application is so frickin difficult, the innovative applicator tip? It wastes so much product because it just piles together on the rubber tip and then crumbles off.

You waste so much more time clicking away nervously at the pen so that it doesn't all suddenly shoot out and half the thing is gone.

When you finally manage to put it on your eye--the lines are not at all precise and it's so clumpy and weirdly like a bad quality crayon. There are so many empty spaces where there should be flawless black eyeliner. And after barely 2 minutes, you notice that it's all clumped up and dry and it literally peels off your eyelid. Save your money and avoid avoid avoid.

It's very easy to use, it lasts much longer than the others of the market, it's very pigmented and dry very fast. I love it, I'll buy it very often.

I just think it's a little bit expensive. I love Benefit but this is a horrible design. I've watched the tutorial and have been using for about a month. I waste soo much product. I have to "prime" it then a click or 2 doesn't do it. After i get enough gel out it goes on clumpy not to mention about an hour later it flakes under my eyes. It may be waterproof but not smudge proof. I always have product on my eyelids and underneath.

I'm just gonna stick with a pencil. I am not sure if the product I purchased happens to be defective, but there seems to be a delay in the dispensing of the eyeliner.

Needs so many clicks for the eyeliner to come out and unknowingly, so much product comes out when I put it away. When I open the cap, it's a huge mess and it all goes to waste. I love Benefit, in fact all my make up is from Benefit but this eyeliner is a huge disappointment.

I do not like wasting and this eyeliner is good at that. This eyeliner should be pulled out. Not buying this again. Very difficult to use. I have long eyelashes and it kept clumping to my eyelashes. Doesn't smudge, but does clump and dry out. Flaked after only half an hour.

On the plus side, once it has dried completely it doesn't budge. However, that means scrubbing with makeup remover to even fade it. I've used way cheaper eyeliner and had way better results. Like many other people this eyeliner is very hard to use, I bought the full size one and feel very disappointed, I have probably wasted over half of the liner due to having to "practice" with it. This product is a let down to the Benefit brand I'm afraid.

As another reviewer has stated I shouldn't have to practice and waste my product. Free for a 1-time deal. That's about it folks!! I thought this would be a nice fluid liner. Instead, every time I twist it I get a clump of black which falls off. Cannot use and would not recommend!!! This product is hard to use at first, but with time it gets easier. Much like the mascara, it lasts all day.

The product is wasted when you apply though, as you have to wipe away any excess which used half the product each time. YOu get the eye liner out and then it falls on your face.

I can't understand why they have made such a difficult eye liner when others can be so easy to apply. I have the miniature one in an offer and will definitely not buy the full size. Absolutely love this liner, my most favourite ever by far! So comfy to wear, has a very long wear even when worn out at night. Easy to apply, always creates perfect flicks and lasts for ages I've only had to buy two tubes in 9 months and I wear it every day! May seem pricey to some I definitely thought that before I'd ever bought it but it's so worth it.

I bought the mini version of this product at Christmas, as I had never tried it before and wanted to see if I liked it. I love it and am going to buy the full sized one when it runs out. It takes a while to get used to and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't very good at applying eyeliner.

I honestly think that anyone who says this product isn't good, doesn't know how to apply it properly or isn't familiar with the rubber applicator. I personally love it. When applied properly it has a smooth jet black finish and doesn't stick to your lashes like most liquid eyeliners. Also it really does stay on all day long and doesn't smudge in the slightest. I put it on in the morning and by the evening it still looks perfect and jet black. This is definitely an eyeliner I'm going to stick to: I would love this product if it was easy to remove.

I get that some people need something that doesn't budge. But they should make a normal one too. I sometimes find it difficult to apply eyeliner, but They're Real is so easy to apply. It glides on and lasts all day. I own it in black, green and purple.

The purple really makes my brown eyes pop! Purchased my new black eyeliner and was SO excited to try it out, that I opened walking out of the store! Tried it out in the car mirror. So ok, learning curve, read the instructions, kept them, replaced the orange tiny cap to liner and blk cap. Next use the liner was really thick and took maybe 5 clicks, had huge clumps all over my eyes.

Huge clumps, like if you break a pencil tip and it smudges everywhere. It would be so bad if I didn't pay I'm so let down.

I have this tube of junk. I bought a MAC eye liner at first and it was rubbish! I will definitely be getting this again! Once you get your head around the texture it takes some practice to get used to it then this looks AMAZING on, but as other reviewers have said I have found myself wasting quite a lot out of the tip when not using it.

I've also found that if I'm not using stay don't stray, the line softens and bleeds a little bit - which I'm sure some people prefer, but I'm used to using Magic Ink which sticks like cement and doesn't budge. They're real is great and would be a brilliant liner for someone who's not so sturdy at applying liner, but I'll probably be switching back to Magic Ink: Full review of it and other Benefit products here: I love this product!

We are at the lake every weekend and involved in all kinds of water sports and this eyeliner totally stays on, no smudges, smears or anything! Comes off easily with eye makeup remover. I feel like the product itself is great, longlasting but the packaging is terrible i dont know if its just my bottle but the instructions say to twist it once and enough will come for both eyes, but in my case nothing comes out and after couple days of twisting it comes out wayyyy too much and it makes me sad because of how expensive it is: Every single time I wear it I get compliments on my wings.

With every other eyeliner pen I've used I struggled with getting even lines, perfect wings, etc. Like the video says, it takes a couple times to get the right amount of product and really get the hang of it but once you do, you will never buy another eyeliner! Only downside is having to take it off but I dont really mind it. If you are contemplating on whether to buy it or not, I say invest because I have never felt more confident with my eyeliner! I bought this because I have a bit of a thing for coloured liner.

I usually use a liquid liner with a brush but thought this looked good. The product itself is excellent - love the colour and it stays on all day without smudging. Yes, it takes a little practice to use but it's a different texture from what I normally use. My issue comes with the waste. Wiping the excess off every time means at least half the product I've paid for is wated. Add to that, when I left it for a couple of days, a lot of the product came out of its own accord, and had to be wiped away.

Even with the orange stopper still in! So in summary, love the product, not so much the waste - if it could be addressed, it would make the product far better value for money. While I love the line it gives To the point that my eyelids feel like they have burns. Which is horrible because this is the easiest way to get the winged eye look and it lasts all day.

So right now its a love hate relationship. I've used liquid, gel, stick liner, and I can honestly say this is the best AND easiest to use. For those saying how hard it is for you to use it, utilize their instructional videos, or go to a beauty bar and get shown how to use it because it's not that hard. Makeup takes time and practice, and if you aren't willing to put that practice in, you're not going to get the intended results.

I always put the orange stopper back in after I'm done so it doesn't dry out. I love the pen-likeness of it, and the angled tip makes thin or think lines super easy. The mascara duo for this is also awesome, so definitely get that with this! I bought this product thinking that it must be amazing since it won the Allure Best Award. The first time I applied this product I fell in love.

It was like a liquid eyeliner without the mess and it was easier to apply. Honestly after that first time I was never able to apply it again! When I twist the base nothing comes out and then five minutes later a whole inch will come out all dry as well. By this point everything is an absolute mess, my hands, my vanity, the ten cutips, and I still can't put the product on my eye. Not only did I waste a lot of my time buying this product, I also wasted my money because most of the product ended up on cuties in the trash.

I bought this because it looked so easy to apply. When I first used it I though my thick lines were because I wasn't using it right. However, I discovered it was how this liner went on. It was difficult to apply a thin line, the way I like it. I also put a line on the bottom of my lid and it was impossible. Then, I didn't use for awhile and guess what, when I went to use again it had thickened and was unusable. I must start by saying I'm a huge Benefit fan but I am super disappointed with this product.

On a positive note, the texture of the eyeliner is beautiful and it really is long wearing BUT as so many reviewers have said, it's just too difficult, messy and wasteful. Benefit reps will be quick to say 'you need to practice' or 'squeeze out the excess' but my point would be that as a customer I don't feel I should have to bear the burden of practising or of wasting product when I have paid 20 pounds for something that I expect to be decent in the first place!!

This is eyeliner, it should be simple and fuss free. It's fundamentally flawed and I think the response from Benefit to the negative reviews has been outrageous in placing the onus on the customer to make the product work effectively.

Massive shame as other products like Rockateur, Lemonaid, Roller Lash are fantastic. This liner was not for me. Too hard to apply. Did not glide smoothly. Gave it to a friend who also did not like it. I bought this in Beyond Brown about a month ago and I love the color.

The formula is very smooth, dries quick so you don't have to sit and wait for it to dry, and because it's a pen liner, I find that it's very easy to apply. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend and I will be buying again. I will probably also buy it in green. Bottom line, I love this liner! I wear liquid eyeliner every day and was very excited after seeing this.

I twist, and nothing comes out. If I try to use it, the black comes out as an awkward grey smudgy mess. I think it is because the gel dries out so quickly like in a day!? Because I disliked it so much, I think the pen is not recoverable. I've had to "prime" it at least twice with zero results. Such great hope, such a great let down.

I've only tried the product before the colours came in so idk if the have re-formulated since. The program is a ten-day pushup plan that requires pushups daily, but still has some sound physiological rules that incorporate "some" rest but not much. Below is the program that has helped people go from 50 pushups to 80 pushups in two weeks.

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