One of the first things you will notice when traveling to India is the spectacular patterns and colors of Indian women’s clothing. Women’s types of clothing in this country vary widely depending on climate, local culture, and religion, as well as urban or rural settings.

I think the ONLY person to blame is the man. When you talk about Indian dresses for women, the first thing that strikes you is the variety. Racheal … I think the backless stuff that you are talking about maydepend on the area that you are going for. During the s and s , at the same time as Western fashion was absorbing elements of Indian dress, Indian fashion also began to actively absorb elements of Western dress. Check out their whole selection here.

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One of the first things you will notice when traveling to India is the spectacular patterns and colors of Indian women’s clothing. Women’s types of clothing in this country vary widely depending on climate, local culture, and religion, as well as urban or rural settings.
Home / Travel Tips / India / 5 Tips on What to Wear in India 5 Tips on What to Wear in India Though Bollywood beauties would have you think that skimpy is “in,” dressing conservatively as a female traveler in India is the way to go.
Exclusive Online Women’s Clothing Shopping: Buy Sarees, Lehengas, Kurtis, Salwar Kameez and Gowns KalkiFashion is a brand in India in a big way. But this name has a different aspect too, other than being known as a fashion clothing brand for women.
Home / Travel Tips / India / 5 Tips on What to Wear in India 5 Tips on What to Wear in India Though Bollywood beauties would have you think that skimpy is “in,” dressing conservatively as a female traveler in India is the way to go.
3 x pairs of loose, thin trousers

Four Types of Indian Women’s Clothing:

W for Woman, an online fashion shopping destination for women, offering range of clothes like kurtas, kurtis, tops, dresses, bottom wear and many more. Shop now!

Wear one set of comfortable clothes and leave lots of room in your luggage to go shopping when you arrive do I have to twist your arm? Any city that you fly into on an international flight will have a range of clothing stores—from traditional Indian shops like FabIndia, where you can buy kurtas, a salwar kameez outfit and scarves, to more modern malls with jeans and western-style clothes using fabulous Indian fabrics.

Buy a scarf or shoulder wrap and wear it, always. I never travel with more than two pairs. I generally wear a nice pair for the flight and will wear these when I go out to a more upscale restaurant. I then wear a pair of leather sandals for every day use. A leather style is nicer than a sport sandal and may help you to feel less like a backpacker — even if you are one!

I go for high-waisted and usually wear something that has a long back to it to cover my bum if the jeans are really tight, like a baggy sweater or hi-lo t-shirt. They are from Topshop and they are the bomb! If you want to wear a skirt that goes to the knee, keep it loose, and wear a decent top with it. They are Indian and get fewer stares in general, and can also tell someone in Hindi to eff off for bothering them.

I wear shorts in Goa just like everyone else, but nowhere else in India. They work so well here. They are comfortable for travel but can be dressed up with gladiator sandals and a crop top is need be. I also take a few adorable Free People style maxi skirts.

Although dresses are easier to travel with, I like that with skirts you can mix and match and wear little tops you buy on your travels paired with them. Turn on your JavaScript to view content Do wear tank tops. There are traditional Indian tops that are shoulder-less but girls wear a scarf with them… the thing is the scarf draped around their neck, still leaving shoulders bare.

If you wear a tank top and you realize maybe it is showing more than you thought, cover up. Even better, always cover up until you get to your destination then take off your scarf. That belly of yours? It can be shown to anyone! I see Indian bellies every day in every city in India. Fat ones, skinny ones, in between.

Keep in mind, all the big bellies will make you feel skinny. Gold is your new best friend and gemstones are abundant. I love to buy travel jewelry on Etsy.

From Udaipur to Bombay, and Bangalore, to Calcutta. You can dress how you wish. In Goa, anything goes. Best, yes it has an FAQ section for everything from Uber to Visas where you can see around 50 reader questions, answered. You can buy it here or you can click here to read more about the book and a breakdown of the chapters.

Travel Insurance and 2. If you are looking for a group tour to take I recommend the India tours on G Adventures. Click here to purchase. The best thing would be kurtis over jeans. Also you need a slip cut that way. Its cheap and even those born here do it for special occasions. I really enjoyed your blog on how to dress when traveling to India. I am planning my first trip to India in March and as a fashion lover myself I needed some tips.

I am super happy to know that Indian women do wear high heels and that I will be able to bring my high heels! This may be fodder for another post, but what about tattoos in India? I love the look of tops with open backs I used to be a bellydancer, and the influence of Indian fashion on the tribal-style bellydance scene is huge. We wore open back tops all the time. However I have a huge tattoo covering the entirety of my upper back. But I have wondered how these tattoos would be received in some parts of the world.

But how do you think these would go down in India? You would get stares I think. I see Indian girls with tattoos all the time. In fact you might find my Indians having tattoos too as the concept of tattooing has been in for ages. Not to beat a dead horse, but do you think this applies to all tattoos? I have full sleeves on both arms. I will be in Rajasthan if that makes a difference. What would you suggest as appropriate?

Also, as far as crop tops, are they okay if they are tight? Yes, and they love a chubby belly showing through too ; haha. I do wear spagetti straps in some areas. In Bombay and the nice areas of Delhi, but not in the smaller towns. This is incredibly helpful! Are strappy heels appropriate if worn with silk pants and a blouse?

I have some flowy cocktail dresses that come to my knees, but they are sleeveless. In my experience, the south is more conservative. Yes, strappy heels are fine and I think that the cocktail dress sounds okay- just take a silk scarf to drape over just in case no one else is showing shoulders.

There are traditional blouses in India that are sleeveless, but it just depends how form-fitting your dress is. And women in india do wear form-fitting dresses- a lot in the big cities especially. P staring is like the maximum thing and that too for a small amount of time. I have read many travel blogs and I have only just started to devour yours, but this is by far the best page on what to dress. I am a very visual person and love that you placed photos to help give me an idea of what to wear!

I forgot to ask! Can I purchase skirts like the ones in the photos easily is Delhi? Or should I bring them from home. Best to bring everything! I really suffer from the heat, and I will be traveling through Rajastan in march.

What would you recomend? Ooo and one mroe question…how about a long flowy skirt that is kind of transparent towars the bottom but has a slip mid-thigh length? That would be ok for Goa for sure and Bombay nightlife, as well as Delhi nightlife if you go with a group via cab. I know I am going to love India.

My husband and I are staying in Jodhpur for 2 nights. I am taking a sunrise yoga class with Karan Singh. Have you ever met this man and do you know of him? I ask because he is the 5 attraction in Jodhpur on TripAdvisor. Also, wondering if it is ok to wear stretchy yoga pants in the context of doing yoga… What do you think? I hope you are having the time of your life in Goa: The volunteer work will be in a rural area in Northern India.

Hi for volunteer and rural, you should dress completely covered! But you can also wear not tight fitting jeans with tops that are long enough to cover your bum. I just read a website that cautioned more conservative dress for both men and women, so I wanted to know if it would it be weird for him to wander around India in cargo shorts?

Thankx for the ideas. This is such a helpful post! Is there a place where you can play a little dress up? You can wear a shawl with that also. That should be appropriate dress anywhere. Remember that you will get more attention than Indian girls however you dress. Thank you for sharing your ideas. India is growing and tourist country.

People love their tradition and we should follow them. Just found your blog, and I am so glad I did! Thanks so much for this post, I have been freaking out and with 2 days til I leave for Kanartaka I had a heap of shorts and no pants! So am buying a few loose pants and pairing with some normal tshirts!

We are visiting rural areas so I have scarf to drape over me. Great to see a positive post! Luckily, the baba style pants are very in style in the west now. Gonna be in Tiruvannimali for 2 weeks then flying up to Rishikesh for another 2 week… in February.. How would you dress here… and for the traditional clothing… should I buy before or find a tailor?

You can even wear cotton maxi skirts with a t shirt and a little silk scarf — you can by scarves there very cheap to spruce up outfits and cover your chest. Any advice for our 12 -year old daughter? Can she wear shorts?

In Bangalore she could probably wear shorts, but not the other places. I spent a month in India, although I was based in the north and Rajasthan area. But throughout my trip I met people from all areas of India and most importantly all ages. I was intrigued to understand their mentality towards women. For one the boys as a generalisation all of whom i asked especially the young teenagers without education do infact believe that if a woman is dressed in a certain way, whatever happens to her is her own fault.

The educated people who i only truly got to talk to properly was when i was travelling by train, they themselves explained the situation was horrific and that only in probably the next 20 years since the law for education being mandatory has been implemented, only then will India see a real change towards the attitude. With programmes featuring numerous rape scenes or pure violence towards women. I think that the TV has a huge role to play in the mindset of the population.

Yet when i was only there one month and got an opinion from a completely different angle. Lots of people blame Bollywood. I think the ONLY person to blame is the man. In fact, just yesterday I read that they banned lingerie on mannequinns in shops to help stop the rape crisis… to me, they need to just stop the man, by educating him. Thanks for you opinion though and thanks for stopping by to read and comment!

As an Indian who was born and raised in India and have also lived in the US and Canada for a couple of decades now I think there are as always a number of factors in the attitude of men towards women in India. This is particularly so in North India where invaders typically came, looted and pillaged as well as raped women.

And even in white collar America where the men wear a veneer of respectability. What is different in India is there is no tradition of practices like dating, proms etc. This is one issue which has prevented young men and women from getting together, dating etc. Regardless, dating has become an important part of social life in major metropolitan cities in India.

Another issue is that pornography from the west has for decades been coming from the west, U. These movies have definitely had an impact on Indian men who have almost always had arranged marriages and the majority of women have been homemakers. It is changing but even now the majority of Indian women continue to be homemakers. Women in India, like everywhere else in the world, have traditionally been treated as second class citizens.

This has meant that Indian men have looked outside the home for sex, and their perspective about western women in particular, esp. This, in my opinion, is the root cause for the behavior of men in India and how they view women.

I think outside of God however, one defines it there is nothing in the world that can be attributed solely to one cause. If this was the case there would be no dress codes e. I say this in response to the question of Indian women baring their midriffs all over the place, but not below the knee.

Compared to North America, and the U. But try doing that in the U. Barring obesity, injuries and a few other issues, what is indecent about the human body? For those going to India I suggest you check out the forums at http: Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

I agree that stares and attention will happen if you dress inappropriately which is why I give the tips on how to dress less revealing , my comment about the only one to blame being men is in regards to rape, not staring and attention..

Women get raped because a man rapes them, period. The way a woman dresses, or behaves or whatever does not cause rape. It is only due to psychological factors of the rapist that leads to rape and i do not wish to go into all that. Staring is a very annoying thing people do, but they do it everywhere in the world, not just in india. You would know since you have traveled much more than i have.

Indian men the ones in small towns and villages are not educated in this aspect. Respect the culture, while being true to yourself. Further south and warmer , flowing skirts that cover my knees or capri pants with kurtis style shirts work well. Thank you for this interesting and informative page about dressing in India. They looked amazing on the website, but when they arrived at my door, they did not disappoint.

In fact, I was out of town when they arrived and I gave permission to my husband to open the package I love mail and opening it. They ship internationally and even accept Paypal!

Which makes my life easier. It is all in the details. As an Indian woman, which is your favorite to wear? As a non-Indian woman, have you ever worn any of these types of clothing? Which one was your favorite from the pictures? Saree is a great outfit for any special occasion. Sarees are favoured outfit for any occasion or event, Nowaydays, we see designers getting creative with the saree designs. Saree is one of the few garments that can add charm to your personality.

A blouse can make or break your look. A stylish black blouse when paired with simple saree can add a charm to your look. Getting married in January , and looking for a fancy Kurta… my problem: You look very pretty in all of them Mani!

What do you think? When you talk about Indian dresses for women, the first thing that strikes you is the variety. From sarees, lehengas to gown, there are ample number of options as pointed out in this blog. Personally, my favourite is the saree, which has been the go-to attire for women over the years for every occasion. When you choose an Indian Ethnic Clothing Wholesaler which you have acquired from web, you still have to be careful of the quality of the clothing, their services and the prices of the products that they are offering.

I live in the Southern US and have become fascinated with the Indian clothing of women. I really want to order a suit, but am unsure of how to measure. Are measurements similar to US sizes? All women and girls love to experiment with their attires and accessories. The most commonly used attire includes Indian sarees and Indian Salwar Kameez. When it comes to Indian Ethnic Wear for women, the Indian sari always tops the chart. No matter how you look, sari will always add to your beauty.


Women's Clothing - Choose from a variety of clothing for women online in India at best rates. Free Shipping Cash on Delivery day returns. Buy wide range of clothing for women online in India. Indian Cultural clothes for women are very is good to wear the respectable dresses whenever women want to visit any religious proves the nobility of personality. @Sahlu your post is milestone for all those ladies that have intention to visit India in current season. What do Indian women wear? Traditionally the dress for Indian women devoid of caste, creed and culture is sari. Sari (saree) is a four to nine yard unstitched garment draped in different styles and worn on an upper stitched garment called choli/blouse.