is the gray dark and noticible or does it all look almost all white? SHERRY M on May 9, BEST ANSWER: The penny keeper detail on this loafer is a light grey color - .

As a successful demonstrate of such outfit, wear a white knit sweater with a white leather mini skirt and white loafers. Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. Back to home page Return to top. Refine your search for mens white loafers. Sophias Style Boutique Inc.

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A key for an all-white outfit to look good is to wear white pieces that are made of fabric of very different texture, in order to give the outfit some depth. As a successful demonstrate of such outfit, wear a white knit sweater with a white leather mini skirt and white loafers.
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Find and save ideas about Mens white loafers on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Men's fashion with black loafers, Stylish black shirt for man and Chunky loafers. All white everything. white button down shirt, white skinny jeans - Man Repeller White jeans for men can be beneficial when you are going out on a regular basis. The advantages.
Find great deals on eBay for white loafers. Shop with confidence.
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Aug 31,  · These white Gucci loafers felt perfect for a summer to fall transition and I love that you have the option to wear them as a slide or a true traditional loafer. If I had someone ask me what I thought about this Gucci loafer and if they should invest in the trend I would say, the Gucci loafer is an iconic shoe and has been around for.

They are tanks, and last a very long time. They are seven-minute brownies in four minutes. Here endeth the lesson. In all honesty Bobby speaking, here , the Nordstrom Loafers are fantastic, but they are not the only shoes out there like them. They just happen to fit the bill for the kind of loafer many of us Bal dancers like: You might have very good reasons for wanting otherwise. In fact, t he biggest question every dancer looking for a pair of leather-soled shoes should probably answer for themselves after fit, and probably alongside aesthestics is one-ply leather or two-ply?

Technically the thickness of that leather sole van vary slightly, but rarely enough to make a big difference. Two-Ply soles were made for walking around outside like on cobblestones , daily work, and keeping your feet warm from the cold ground. Shoes like the Nordstorm loafer are one-ply and have minimal padding— you will feel the floor, and all the sensations of shuffling and sliding very clearly.

The shoes will give you almost a barefoot sensation, cause the leather will move with the muscles of your feet on the floor. However, because the swing dances are often athletic in nature, as well as involve some kind of pulsing, many of us choose to wear insoles with single-ply shoes, especially with the ones with minimalistic padding.

In single-ply shoes, you will smooth out your dancing which is what the Old Timers wanted modern Bal dancers to do, anyway. Shoes like the Florsheim Dancer Mickey prefers, or the now-defunct Bostonian leather-soled classic penny loafer eBay! You would choose these if you had a heavier pulse or more athletic dancing style in general to cushion your knees and other joints , or, if you just liked the feeling of a heavier shoe and the weight it gives to your rhythmic experience, like swing dance instructor David Rehm enjoys.

Posted in 's , 's , 's , Gentlemen , Ladies , Shoes. The first pair I decided to try was their new saddle shoe.

Saddle Shoe — available in brown tweed, black tweed, and classic black and white. Dancestore has introduced a great compromise — a saddle shoe with a hard rubber sole that has been sueded. They came with two pairs of laces, a thicker set and a thin set. When I first tried on the shoe it felt a bit stiff, but after only a couple of dances, the stiffness wore off at the points where I needed movement.

I wore them with socks, which was a nice change for me, and they looked great with the collegiate outfit I described above. Given the shape of the shoe, it would be easy to add an insole or inserts for an easy fix. I normally wear a 7 in Aris Allens and needed a half size larger because I wanted to wear socks with them. The biggest pros for me with this shoe were the wide sole and the cushy insole. The strap was ample, so they remained on my feet, and the wingtip styling is adorable.

I also had to go a half size up with this shoe for it to fit comfortably. I selected a black satin pair to try out. I got the 7. I enlisted the help of my friend Tiffany Linquist, another size 7 lady, to test the shoes for me, as her foot fit into them without the same problem. Another dancer, Heidi Reule, also tried out the fit of the shoe and did not have the same problem. We were pretty mortified, because we both have Aris Allen shoes that we love and know that they can make quality products.

The arch, overall, felt and looked very narrow and, when she was wearing the shoes, she said it felt like her arches were dancing off a cliff i. The absence of elastic, combined with the stiff arch appeared to put unnecessary strain on the strap, which likely caused the break.

There is only so much thread can hold without some give to that tension. That said, I hope that Dancestore does not give up on this style — I would still love to own a pair of shoes in this style and heel height — I hope that they take this feedback and make some improvements to this lovely shoe — a little elastic and some love in the arch would help what is, otherwise, a good shoe. I notice in the descriptions for the white wingtips and the loafers that they have taken feedback from dancers to heart and made these pairs with a thicker sole than the regular Aris Allen dance shoes — the result is something more like a quality pair of dress shoes and requires a bit of a break-in period.

Not a bad thing if you are looking for a more quality pair of shoes. Men, I would take the time to read the descriptions of these shoes, as they have taken the time to describe their qualities in a fairly in-depth way to help you make a decision about what shoe would be right for you.

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It includes a number of other URLconfs: For example, these two URLconf sets are functionally identical: If you want to go more casual, wear a T-shirt with a great black leather jacket that brings a stunning graphic pop to the look.

I'm also a big fan of mixing in a cool, oversize boyfriend sweater, usually in camel, with chic tailored white pants and Tod's loafers. Growing up my parents instilled a European mentality in me from a young age; thus I never had a preconceived notion that one had to put white away post summer.

The women in my life always taught me that style was about personal decisions and aesthetic as opposed to rules about colors and seasons. Jessica Paster , justjessStyle. However, I do understand that on the East Coast people have seasons, so dressing in white might be a fashion faux pas.

Winter white is absolutely beautiful, especially when the fall season ends and winter comes through. I think the secret to pulling it off it to let it stand on its own, and to pair it with a cream or nude shoe.

Tara Swennen , taraswennen. Coordinate matching whites, keeping the look clean and simple. Accessorize with a contrasting piece or two or a coordinating combo.

Winter white pairs well with darker colors such as navy, black, and gray. The white will balance out the look keeping it clean and crisp. A subtle pop of color in an accessory or print can also be a nice addition to one's look.

I personally love white on white! Especially around the upcoming holidays! Derek Lam , Nonoo, and Nina Ricci. Are you heading out for a weekend getaway? Click to shop 12 chic weekender bags.

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Men’s Loafers from or sporty loafers with white rubber soles, you can find it all here. Our search-by-color filter lets you pick men’s loafers in classic hues like brown, khaki, espresso and black as well as warm shades like vibrant reds, purples, and more. If you prefer a canvas upper with antimicrobial lining or a stain. Shop online for Men's Slip-On Loafers, Driving Shoes & Moccasins at Find boat shoes & mules. Free Shipping. Free Returns. All the time. Find great deals on eBay for all white loafers. Shop with confidence.